About Looklive

The Looklive Publisher Widget

With Looklive you can open a new revenue stream - a share of online sales generated from products featured in your content. These products are sold via our simple-to-implement widget that sits on all your digital platforms.

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Looklive monetize’s products that already feature in your content, that mean’s there’s no compromise to the creative integrity of the content through placing specific products in shows.

Our widget is incredibly easy to implement - as simple as adding a Facebook Like button to a webpage, and of course fully supported by the Looklive development team.

There is no cost to you whatsoever, simply integrate the widget and open up a lucrative new revenue stream. We estimate that for every 1 million monthly visits to your site, you will earn $10,000 per month, every month.

Looklive enriches your content by adding a layer of discreet contextually relevant product information on-demand to the user - there is no interference with any of your existing revenue streams or paid product placements.