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Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West Believes His Taylor Swift Feud Prevented His Ikea Collab

August 09, 2016 - Complex

via Complex

The rumor that Kanye West was going to collaborate with Ikea seemed to fade as quickly as it came. However, Kanye, not one to let go of a dream, is advocating for the once-rumored collaboration to actually happen. He spoke with BBC Radio 1 about why he thinks the collab should happen but why it probably never will. "I visited them, and I feel like once they went to the board, people start bringing up, 'He interrupted this girl and told the truth, so he's the worst person on the planet," West told BBC 1 radio, clearly alluding to the moment he crashed the stage when Swift was accepting her VMA award. "That means I can't create with Ikea now? Because I say what everyone else is thinking. I'm literally going to be held in some sort of social prison for telling the truth, being slightly rude, or whatever."

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