Russell Westbrook GQ 2016-10-17
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook

Poses for GQ's November 2016 Issue


October 17, 2016 - GQ

via UpscaleHype

Russell Westbrook can be stingy with his words, but lucky for us his facial expressions give like the Gateses. There's the face, meant for the opposing team's bench when he dunks over their tallest player, that says something like, “I just scored two better points than you'll ever score in your career.” There's the face the Oklahoma City Thunder star makes when he's high-fiving his teammates and one pulls his hand away too soon, a face that says, “I will bite your fucking pharynx out if you don't march back over here and make contact with my hand.” There's the face when a reporter asks a question he doesn't like that says, “I know you have young children, which is why I'm not gonna humiliate you in a viral Vine.” And sometimes, as now, on this open-air patio in Beverly Hills, a long way from a packed NBA arena, there's the face I've seen a bunch this afternoon: head canted, nostrils flared, eyebrows appealing to all possibility—a 3-D emoticon shrug that says: “Why not?”

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