Where to Shop for Vintage Rock and Rap Tees


It seems that everyone’s favorite musician these days is channeling their inner punk teen and wearing vintage rock and rap tees. While many of these celebrities are rocking limited versions from Fear of God’s Resurrected Project, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the nostalgia as well. We’ve scoured for the best places to buy the real deal authentic versions from across the web. Jump through to see where to buy, get buying tips, witness Big Sean’s amazing collection, and see how your favorite celebrities style theirs.


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Know the difference between Authentic & Reproduction:  An authentic t-shirt is from a particular year and is generally tied to a specific concert or event. Additionally, most true vintage t-shirts will have a label or mark on them specifically stating the date.  On the other hand, reproduction t-shirts are the kind you’d typically see at Forever 21, H&M, and similar stores. These shirts are merely paying to use the emblem of the band or artist and are not really authentic pieces.

Get familiar with the companies that printed authentic t-shirts:  These companies include those such as Brockum, which produced many of the most popular varieties in the 1990s. Knowing what company produced the shirt will give you a quick and easy filter to determine its authenticity.

Don’t trust the listed size:  Just because a t-shirt says for example size large doesn’t mean it is truly a size large.  A 1970’s large may be a today’s small; therefore, it is imperative when dealing in vintage tees to have a high knowledge of one’s measurements.  Solely rely on size measurements, never the label. 

Research the piece:  Before you buy, make sure that if you’re buying a 1991 Public Enemy tee, that it actually existed. With the advent of the internet, it makes unearthing previous versions easy, and also provides you with a checklist of what to look for to confirm your potential purchase’s authenticity.

Ask, ask, ask!:  Always make sure to ask the seller any and all questions you have. If they’re a reputable seller, they’ll be able to answer and wont give you the run-around. Vintage tee shopping can be high stakes, especially with certain pieces going into the thousands of dollars!




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