Alessandro Martorana

At the age of 29, his natural talent and innate taste for beautiful things inspired him to leave his job as a quality manager, against his family’s advice, and embark on the adventure he had always dreamed of. He used some of his savings to buy fine quality menswear fabrics (the master tailors of Savile Row have always been his main source of inspiration) and hired a couple of Turin-based seamstresses to make up his first designs. The step-up which helped turn Martorana into a star of men’s fine tailoring in a matter of years came through Lapo Elkann. Having inherited his grandfather Gianni Agnelli’s wardrobe, Lapo asked his tailor friend to alter and rework some of his famous relative’s clothes. Lapo then decided to entrust his talented, creative friend with all his looks, from the classic to the truly unconventional. He introduced Martorana to his friends and, with the utmost faith in his abilities, took him across the Atlantic. Martorana earned the affection, trust and esteem of many Hollywood names, including Andy Garcia, now a great friend, Joe Pesci, Jude Law and numerous sports personalities, not least baseball champion Alex Rodriguez, basketball star LeBron James and the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones. Now head of a tailoring firm which employs 30 people in Italy, Alessandro Martorana is widening his horizons by offering clients a range of exclusive accessories under the AM brand: shoes, suitcases and interior design. With two new showrooms in Italy (in Milan and Turin) and making frequent trips around the globe, Martorana now boasts a clientele which goes beyond Hollywood to include heads of state, Arab emirs and business and financial tycoons. Wherever they are around the world, his clients seek out timeless Italian tailoring which is both rare and inestimable, creating an absolute, unique and quite inimitable style.

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