Blee Inara

Upon finding inspiration from her own sense of harmony and goodwill, Ivonne Kino founded Blee Inara to bring an upbeat vibe to a traditional symbol. All designs are original, handcrafted, and adjustable, each with an eye charm to provide the wearer with comfort and protection against undesired energy. Blee Inara is an evolving, imaginative, playful jewelry line that reflects the physical and spiritual beauty of our world. Many wearers enjoy layering combinations of pieces to provide for unique individual experiences and personal fashion statements – we encourage you to create and play! Ivonne’s interest in jewelry design began with the birth of her first child. Her mom, who lives in Mexico City, gave her an eye charm for her baby to wear for protection and positive spirit, a tradition that many people in her community behold. Shortly thereafter, Ivonne designed and sold eye charm jewelry to her friends and neighbors, which soon evolved into a larger, vocational passion. In addition to our website, Blee Inara can be found at retailers worldwide, and is often featured in major media such as Sports Illustrated, Fitness, Glamour, Good Morning America, and Extra.

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