BROR is focuses on fresh and exciting food made with the very best produce in season from the northern European region. The style of food is balanced between comfort and innovation – in flavors and choice of ingredients. Our ambition is to constantly challenge ourselves, the ingredients, the producers and ultimately the flavor. Victor Wågman and Sam Nutter are owners and head chefs of BROR. Over the years they have worked in a number of Michelin starred restaurants in England, USA, France and their last stop before opening BROR was Noma. Sam and Victor were both employed as Sous Chef during the period which Noma maintained two Michelin stars and was named as ‘The World’s Best Restaurant’ three years running. The restaurant is nestled among some of the oldest and most charming buildings in the old Latin quarter of Copenhagen. The restaurant is inspired by nature, childhood, emotions, the city, past experiences and the people around us. BROR, the danish word for brother, symbolizes care, respect and honesty; values which our restaurant is built upon.

Company info

Company Founders Victor Wagman and Sam Nutter