Chriss Zoe

One thing about our company is that we LOVE to be comfortable and cute. Our pieces are mostly stretchy which leaves plenty of room to accent your curves. Shop Chriss Zoe was founded by Chriss Zoe, an entrepreneur out of Los Angeles, CA. She is originally from Houston, TX and moved to the west coast to pursue a career in music. Along the way, she noticed that during her long nights in the studio, she longed for one thing; sweat pants. But that's not it. Chriss also longed for a stylish appearance because she never quite knew who she would run into. Embarrassingly enough, she couldn't stand appearing like a starving artist any longer and so Shop Chriss Zoe was born. Handpicked by Chriss Zoe, the clothes are not only affordable, but so comfortably cute that you will find yourself sporting the pieces no matter the event.

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