Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Ellery was born into a creative household. She grew up surrounded by the Art of her Mother; a New Zealander who worked in Textiles, Print Making and Ceramics. After completing a certificate of Fashion Design in Perth, Ellery made her way over to London to attend highly acclaimed fashion school, Central St. Martins. It was here that she completed summer school studying Fashion Illustration and Sketchbook Building, developing the invaluable design skills she now possesses. Previously working for over 4 years at Russh magazine as a crucial part of the creative team, Kym watched the magazine rapidly develop into one of the most cutting edge and renowned fashion titles in Australia. Kym's keen eye and avant-garde inspiration has translated both onto the pages of Russh and then into her label ELLERY creating a brand of international recognition. Editorial coverage of ELLERY has gone from strength to strength, thrusting the label to the elite end of Australian designers.

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