Faded Lifestyle

Faded is a Canadian lifestyle brand founded by Jonathan Shimoni in 2011. Exposed to the textile business from a young age, Jonathan developed a keen eye for detail and fine quality. He constantly examined how existing designs would appear with his own modifications, which inevitably parlayed into cultivating original designs for local Toronto brands in the early stages of his career. This allowed Jonathan to hone his skills and to help build the foundation of what would later become his own brand, Faded. Never sacrificing detail, Jonathan creates casual menswear, all proudly manufactured in Canada. Designed for the confident and cultured man who seeks refinement, Faded prides itself in providing the subtlety of both fit and durability in its products while maintaining an authentic design. Allowing the man who lives the Faded lifestyle, free of pretension, to concentrate on the aspects of life that matter the most, wearing great clothes along the way.

Company info

Company Founders Jonathan Shimoni