Faith Connexion

Faith Connexion is a new fashion statement that began with the convergence of two great talents from two different universes: the impetuous,irrational, mystical and yet hedonistic world of Ilan Delouis associated to Christophe Bosc's international experience in business. Ilan Delouis, the founder and designer of the brand, breathes a transversal image into his collections inspired by his own line of life. Christophe Bosc offers his 20 years of experience in management and development for the fashion and luxury industry towards the growth of Faith Connexion. Faith Connexion is stylish, sexy, chic and rockn roll using simple cuts, elegant fabrics and sophistication in detail seducing both women and men. Unique and modern, it has inscribed itself in the realm of today. Faith Connexion confidently bears its strong and very significant words inspired by its concictions and values which find an echo in its fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Company info

Company Founders Ilan Delouis