Final Home

"If we lose our house because of a disaster, war or unemployment, as a fashion designer, what kind of clothes would I propose - and how would they look in trouble-free times?" Nylon coat came about from me pondering this question. Its concept is "a cloth which can be adapted according to need". For example, to protect against the cold, you can put newspapers in the pockets, or if you equip it with survival rations and a medical kit, it becomes a valuable cloth when taking refuge.The name FINAL HOME was first given to this particular garment, and then it became their brand name - it equates to the idea of it being the "ultimate shelter" . The coat comes in three basic colors: "orange" to remind of one's existence; "khaki" to blend in with the forest and "black" to assimilate in the city. Directions for use are written on the bag in which the coat comes. This coat is recyclable. After enjoying it as a fashion item, please wash it thoroughly and bring it to one of our outlets.

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