Finessing Miami

Born in Venezuela, Finessing Miami's founder Aldhair Ramirez was born in 1994 with fashion entrepreneurship in his blood. His parents, owners of a clothing company in South America, brought him to Miami when he was just two years old. Since then, Aldhair has turned his parents' passion into his personal pursuit, one that's entering its third year and has him poised to take Miami, and the streetwear industry, by storm. dFinessing Miami has come a long way from its original three color ways, now laying claim to upwards of fifty different color ways printed, with collaborations with YesJulz and Muses of Miami among them. Still, no matter how far Aldhair and Finessing go, the message will remain the same. When you wear Finessing, you are telling the world about your grind, about your ability to handle business, and about your commitment to getting things done, by any means necessary.

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