FRS by Francesca Ruffini

Comfort is top of mind for women these days—see: the blanket coats, wide-leg pants, and flats everyone has been wearing to the European shows—so it sometimes feels like the logical next step is to just leave the house in our pajamas. Common decency usually prevents us from actually doing so, but F.R.S., a new line out of Milan by Francesca Ruffini, is elevating the concept. (F.R.S. is not only Ruffini’s monogram, but it also means For Restless Sleepers.) Pajama sets in cloque lamé, jacquard, and organza taffeta come with classic piping and retro prints that blur the line between the comforts of home and the outside world. Rather than suggest you wear the same clothes to live and sleep in, Ruffini is proposing a new interpretation on garments free of clichés or rules about where you can or can’t wear them. True night owls can wear the full sets head to toe—wallpaper floral silks stood out, as well as a blown-up pink scarf-print top paired with contrasting bottoms—but one of the button-down shirts would look just as cool worn as a blazer or tucked into a pair of jeans. The super-luxe fabrics and refined silhouettes (i.e., no baggy legs or drawstring waists) mean these aren’t really pj's at all—in fact, they lend themselves to a variety of occasions. We can picture a particularly fearless dresser wearing a silky set to a summer cocktail party.

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