Gianluca Capannolo

Born in L’Aquila in 1972, Gianluca Capannolo is the creator of the same name brand. Graduated from A c c a d e m i a d ’ A l t a M o d a K o e f i a in Rome in 1993, from 1994 he worked for L a m b r o s M i l o n a while also co-operating on B a g u t t a ’s and F r a t e l l i R o s s e t t i ’s collection and then as a first assistant designer and production manager at Maurizio Pecoraro. In 2001, back from a long stay in South America where he got in touch with local traditional craftsmanship, Gianluca Capannolo was proposed to design A m a n o, a new made-in-Peru women’s collection which had to merge two antithetic aspects such as South American craftsmanship tradition and Italian avant-garde. Since its debut up to the Autumn/Winter 2003/2004 season A m a n o designed by Gianluca Capannolo was carried in prestigious shops worldwide.

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