GIG Couture

Founded in 2002 by Gina Guerra and Patricia Schettino, GIG is recognized for its careful work in knitting that conquered the fashion market already in 2005 when it started its own productions. Since then, the brand from Minas Gerais develops many exclusive prints that can be seen in collections complete and full of personality. Each piece comes out by the handiwork with jacquards and special yarns mined over long researches, all this coupled with the high-tech machinery that makes up the brand factory, located in Belo Horizonte. The quality of knitting and their wefts allow the creation of amodel that enhances the body lines and still plays with modeling, cuts, shapes and fitting. The entire process is closely monitored by the stylist Gina Guerra, attesting the quality control of their products. Present in more than 70 multi-brand stores in national territory, GIG also leads the Brazilian fashion to the world. With 30 international points of sale, the brand is sold in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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