Goyard, established in 1792, is the oldest Parisian trunk maker still in business. It has been passed down from generation to generation up until today under the successive names of Martin, Morel and finally Goyard. It was François Goyard (1828–1890) who made box making, packing and trunk making the family’s trade when he purchased Maison Morel, successor to Maison Martin, purveyor to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Berry . Edmond Goyard (1860–1937) proved a visionary, and steadily expanded his business from 1885 to 1937. Robert Goyard (1893–1979), a man about town, was the face of the brand during the booming post-war years. François Goyard played a significant role in further increasing the firm’s growth with his daughter Isabelle Goyard (1959-). Jean-Michel Signoles bought Goyard in 1998, and turned it into an internationally renowned name. Source: Wikipedia

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