Gramicci is a 33-year-old outdoor lifestyle brand with deep roots in bouldering and rock climbing. We pioneered the freedom-of-movement trend in outdoor clothing design; Outside Magazine has named “the G-Climbing Short" one of the most influential pieces of all time. With Gramicci, you put on over 30 years of innovation, experience and industry leadership. Many of the most popular features found in outdoor clothing were developed by Gramicci – our gusseted crotch, built-in nylon belt, underarm hinge, high-low hem and many more. We’ve always sought the freedom of going against the grain, the status quo and what’s already been done. The Gramicci line gives you more than pure functionality, it gives you clothing that offers the always popular style of rugged simplicity. An authentic no-nonsense look that states individuality and a sense of purpose.

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