The glove maker selects fine leathers according to their size, color, texture, thickness and softness. Our gloves are made of lambskin for sheep items and kit skin metis for most items. The kit skin metis is very flexible and fits your hand very easily and quickly. In our selection, we offer unlined gloves, which fit you as a second skin, fine silk lined gloves and warm and comfortable cashmere lined ones. You will certainly enjoy our deerskin items for being both thick and flexible. They are often lined with cashmere. The pecari skin, which has a very special soft touch, is worn unlined for pleasure... It can also be used for cashmere lined gloves in winter. Carpincho gloves, made of the skin of Capybara, living in Argentina, are warm and very resistant. This skin is treated as suede to give you the softest feeling on your hands. All our leather gloves are handmade in Italy.

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