Helena Quin

In 2011, Andrea Racey launched a 12 style collection of women's coats and jackets, with the goal of taking the staple piece in every woman's wardrobe to the next level. "Ultimately," says Racey "the style of the label, and what I always try and go back to in my head, is a balance between strength and femininity. Coats, specifically, are like an armor for a woman. It’s the last thing you put on before you go out into the world, and one of the first things people see about you. So, it’s crucial that the piece embody what a woman is innately, which to me is that balance and duality of strength and femininity." After garnering accolades and buzz from publications such as People Style Watch, Refinery 29, US Weekly, Daily Candy, and Racked, as well as being seen on Hollywood A-listers such as Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams, and Selma Blair, Racey decided to begin venturing into other categories. Introducing her first collection of womens dresses, blouses, and leather pieces for Spring '14, Racey set out to translate the aesthetic of the jackets into 32 piece collection. She is excited to continue developing a product and company that celebrates and embraces the women that wear it.

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