Honeydew Intimates

From the moment Honeydew Intimates was launched in 2002, its leadership in the intimate apparel market was firmly secured by its distinct blend of comfort, quality, inimitable style and affordability. Conceived out of a family-owned and operated intimate apparel manufacturing company, Honeydew Intimates is the brainchild of creative director Benny Zafrani who envisioned a brand that embodied all the complex necessities of fashion and undergarments in modern lifestyles. Honeydew Intimates was among the pioneering labels to challenge the conventional notion that intimate apparel had to be plain. It infused its pieces with an effervescent sense of fun and fashion – vibrant colors and whimsical prints, dynamic designs of square cut boy shorts and frilly rumbas – all the while providing comfort through fine quality fabrics and accessibility through reasonable pricing. It’s sexy while remaining wholesome, playful while being classic. It didn’t seek to conform to the traditions of only being either expensive or boring, answering instead the needs of modern women everywhere and ultimately making intimate apparel that they enjoyed wearing. Virtually overnight fashion’s most discriminating experts, Hollywood’s biggest stars and women of all ages and from all walks of life were captivated.

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