Jets by jessika Allen

From a very young age Jessika displayed a keen interest in fashion and design. This talent was recognised when Jessika graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Fashion Design and Textiles at The University of Technology, Sydney and secured a post- graduate degree in tailoring at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. After completing her studies, Jessika followed her dreams and love of design, ultimately culminating in the re-launch of JETS Swimwear. Jessika has always found inspiration from her love of art, history, books and different cultures. In the early 80's Jessika designed bodysuits, which influenced her enthusiasm and use of stretch fabrics. It was a natural progression to swimwear, providing the opportunity to design for every woman and create designs that complement natural curves. "For a time I made one-off garments and realised my ultimate passion was to create couture tailoring with an understanding of the female form. From this, my design philosophy for JETS was born".

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