Kiki Designs

Kiki & Kenna, the designers behind Kiki Designs, bring their 'Aloha spirit' and positive energy into the creation of each piece. Kiki & Kenna’s Island inspired, LOVE induced, Bold, Daring, playful, simply sweet, UNIQUE and luxurious accessories, all locally made in the USA, make every girl wish they woke up to a jewelry box of this selection. Their designs are inspired by the appreciation of the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands where they were born & raised, and the energy & diversity of Southern Cali, where they currently reside. Their motivation lies within the magnificence of nature, meeting REAL women and finding beauty in their everyday lifestyle! The pieces have an organic quality representative of the inner beauty of every woman. They are made from semiprecious gemstones, gold, silver, wood and other natural materials.

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