Le Lis Blanc

In 1988, we created the Le Lis Blanc brand with the goal of developing a women’s premium fashion business directed toward customers with high purchasing power. The first Le Lis Blanc store opened in 1988 in São Paulo’s Iguatemi Shopping Mall. Between 1988 and 2005, we expanded our activities in retail through owned stores, launched our multi brand wholesale channel and opened franchises in several cities of the country. Le Lis Blanc is a premium brand that reflects a modern lifestyle, with a broad portfolio of products, ranging from premium fashion to home décor, and a reputation for catering to the fashion needs of women, from daily wear to formal attire. In 2013, a survey of high income consumers published by Consumidor Moderno ranked Le Lis Blanc as the most loved women’s fashion brand in Brazil. Le Lis Blanc is also marketed to men through our Noir, Le Lis line, and it markets specialized product lines for children’s wear, home décor, accessories, cosmetics and makeup.

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