Le Snob

Presenting a stunning collection of haute-utility, luxury leathers , canvas , eyewear and other gilded gear: lesnob. designed by b. åkerlund & robert lussier with the loves of all things snob. goth meets goldfinger. skin meets metal. nature meets supernature. noir meets star. But most of all : luxury meets mobility and creates something entirely new in fashion: snobbility (rhymes with mobility & nobility.) included: the ultimate carry-ons. un grand sac that unzips, then re-buckles into a dress. the tote-brac elet-brella. the collapsible incognito hat you carry on your wrist. the canvas lesnob trench, tote, baby-doc and graduated duffels. mirror finish lipstick-charm clutches lined in sheepskin; lesnob doesn’t even have to open her clutch to re-apply. all, from the wallets to the mega -tote, blessed with gleaming golden l esnob signature hardware. but even if you took it all off, you’d still know it’s lesnob.

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