L'Etoille Sport

‘What women want’ is an eternal source of curiosity to many. With all the attempts to know it, the world over, it continues to be one of the best kept secrets. At L’etoile though, we’ve got it figured. “To look beautiful” is one thing they want for sure. In every situation and in each ‘frame’ of their life’s ‘video’, they would much rather look pretty. Sports being no exception to this, we felt the need to introduce you to L’Etoile sports – the sportswear for all the stylish and classy women. Our philosophy at L’etoile is that style is something that lets you be yourself, it liberates you and does not bind you. That’s the reason why your sportswear should be “your escapism and not your imprisonment”. The CEO and creative director, Yesim Philip’s personal interest in chic athletic wear combined with a strong entrepreneurial penchant led to the foundation of L’Etoile. Once when she along with Hannah Griswold, went shopping for stylish apparel to wear to the tennis court, what they found was far from what they looked for. This made them feel the need for a fashionable range of women’s sportswear and it gave birth to the idea of L’Etoile. The company launched its first on-and-off the court collection in July 2012, at Meadow Club, exclusive club in Southampton, New York. In its very essence, L’Etoile embodies high fashion and high function in luxury sports.

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Company Founders Yesim Philip