Liebeskind Berlin

Born in the heart of the capital is the brand Liebeskind Berlin is already well known beyond the borders of Germany. In addition to the directors Julian Rellecke, Semih Simsek and John Rellecke two other young designers are part of the Liebeskind Berlin team with the passion to develop a unique lifestyle collection. Innovative Liebeskind Berlin bags, shoes and accessories such as scarves or studded belt formed, remains in the original Berlin's creative department. The material used for the Liebeskind Berlin bags - Santiago leather - is buttery soft and smooth finish. Whether shoppers, bag Clutch bag or a Liebeskind Berlin Series bags offer the perfect moment for each bag trend. A special feature of the Liebeskind Berlin Bags are many other storage facilities for all kinds of utensils. "Casual Elegance" is the Liebeskind Berlin core message and is reflected back into the perfectly successful products. source:

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