LuMee is the revolutionary, illuminating cell phone case with front facing, adjustable LED lights for brighter selfies and video chatting in any lighting. LuMee can also be used as a lighted makeup mirror or flashlight. "Allan Shoemake, a long-time professional photographer, would Skype weekly with his daughter during her studies abroad in Italy. The lighting was always terrible… She appeared backlit and in shadow. He wondered why there wasn’t anything out there to light up the scene. A frustration that inspired him to invent a solution. Realizing millions of other people could benefit, he spent three years perfecting a product: the LuMee case, for the iPhone 5 and 5/s. A simply revolutionary way to light and beautify Skypers, FaceTimers, women and girls putting on make-up, and everyone taking selfies!"

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Company Founders Allan Shoemake