Mari Cla Ro

The idea began in Mexico, and travelled, like the globetrotters who are behind it, to Kingston, Sharbot Lake, and now to Toronto. Like a snowball, the idea grew from a small- time bedroom production to a business with three full- time employees, a retail space, and over 1000 bags produced in 2010. In 2010, we received the Innovative Business Award from our MPP. The combination of the unique skills and creative energy of co-founders Sven Schlegel and Willa Murray propel the project. Sven’s natural eye for design and his drive for perfection compliment his background in Planning and Economics. A combination of excellent sewing skills and a willingness to experiment with materials make Willa an ideal co-founder. In 2008, Patricia Youn joined the team, adding her skills from her training in Fashion Design and Production. The energy we put into this young project is fuelled by our belief in the potential of our dream, the diversity of our skills, the feedback we have received, and the increasing strength of our designs. We constantly refine and improve our product; with each new material we salvage and work with, we increase our creative potential.

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