Marina B

Marina B is the creation of Marina Bulgari, granddaughter of Sottiro Bulgari, founder of renowned Italian jewelry company. During her tenure as Head Designer for that firm, she created several of their enduring best-sellers. Marina founded her own luxury brand, Marina B, designing an incredible succession of iconic and legendary jewelry that bears the undeniable mark of her creative process. In the Eighties and Nineties, Marina B was embraced by connoisseurs, international jet setters and celebrities around the world as the epitomy of style, elegance and creativity in luxury jewelry. Marina Bulgari was born in Rome on July 12, 1930 to a Greek father and German-Italian mother. Early on, she developed a passion for art, architecture and mathematics. Upon Marina’s graduation at Saint Mary’s College in England, she returned to Italy where her talents in the family business were immediately recognized. Her keen sense of design, proportion and scale combined with an understanding of engineering and movement was instantly apparent as she made great design contributions to the brand. After the passing of her father, she followed her entrepreneurial mindset and creative spirit and decided to create her own signature brand in 1977: Marina B.

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Industry Jewelry
Company Founders Marina Bulgari