Matthew Adams Dolan

Fascinated by notions of the mundane and familiar, and led by studies conducted into representations of our tacit understanding of particular garments, the collection is an investigation into the materiality and mass-consumption of the ‘American Classic’ and the means by which specific articles of clothing (jeans, denim jacket, white tee-shirt) exist as cultural signifiers imbued with multiple, and often juxtaposing connotations: labor vs. leisure, rebellion vs. uniformity, etc. Drawing upon the American traditions of rag rugs, which flourished on the frontiers of Colonial New England, and Southwest textiles, specifically the practice of discarded Army uniforms being traded for barter, ravelled and worked into blankets by the Navajo, archetypes of the typical wardrobe are broken up by rug-like weavings, created on a hand made loom - existing second-hand garments are completely deconstructed, unwoven and rewoven to create new textiles.

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