Melitta Baumeister

Melitta Baumeister is a german fashion designer based in New York City. She recently received a MFA degree in Fashion Design and Society at Parsons and her graduation collection has been shown at New York Fashion Week in September 2013. Baumeister focuses on new materiality, while her work merges fashion, objects, sculpture and installation. At the moment she loves the process of casted garments, the absence of color and the notion hyperreality, this might or might not change. "Applying techniques from sculpture, architecture, and fine art, materiality becomes the conceptual core of my process. Casting a garment in one continuous layer of silicone questions conventional methods, which focuses on the development of the garment. This specific technique entails a shift of shape-defining factors. Shape is no longer determined through the interplay of fabric and pattern, but by the mold into which it is cast. The mold becomes the blueprint of a form and captures the essence of a garment without itself being the thing it emulates. The mold with its capability for endless repetition, then becomes a metaphor for the repetitiveness of the fashion industry itself." source:

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