Octavio Pizarro

In 2006, Octavio Pizarro launched his own collection of accessories. The clever mix of alpaca with wool, mohair and angora is the brand signature. He likes playing around with the contrast between material and techniques. He is looking for “mixing the extremes”. Thus, we can see Alpaca wool incrusted with Swarovski crystals, the mix between leather and fur. The chic of his looks are reinforced by the way he plays with geometric shapes, the graphic prints and transparencies. His colour universe is defined by different density of black as the painter Soulages use to. The mix of textiles and cultures is representative of Octavio Pizarro’s design. Invited by the French Federation of Couture, he is presenting his collections during 3 seasons at the “Designers Apartment” showroom. In July of 2015, he is presenting his new collection of ready-to-wear couture at the South American House of Paris during the Haute Couture fashion week. Since the opening of his showroom in Paris, his clothing line meets an increasing success.

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