Officine Générale

Officine Générale was founded in January 2012, with the initiative of an Atelier from the past. The artisanal production is made in Portugal, Italy and France. After years of involvement with several fashion groups in France and Italy, Pierre Mahéo has put his experience together to propose his vision of our industry today. Pierre acquired the control of shape and construction through his apprenticeship in a French Tailoring firm. That experience procured a knowledge and passion for the finest materials, tailoring details and hand finishing that he's researched for the past decade, like one of his signature details inspired from a vintage shirt from Mr. Giovanni Agnelli, with the "V" yoke and multi-pleated arm cuff. Officine Generale is a proposition of a "Vestiaire". Combining a casual silhouette, inspired from vintage Military garments and tailoring. The fabric selection includes cotton herringbone, selvedge oxford or chambrays from Japan, 100/120 cotton poplin from Italy for shirting and Fresco wool from England for Jackets. Applications including vegetable dying, and garment wash create in the Collection of Officine Generale an "Attitude" more than a "Fashion".

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