Olga's story is the American Dream personified. Olga Erteszek immigrated to California during World War II with her attorney husband Jan Erteszek. With her husband unable to practice law in the U.S., Olga took advantage of being the daughter of a corsetiere. Olga took their $10.00 nest egg and rented a sewing machine. Working at her kitchen table, she created a lacy garter belt, just as she had watched her mother do as a child in Poland. Olga became known for her innovative uses of color and fabrics and soon expanded her product line to include bras, panties, slips and robes. Within 20 years, she was granted over 23 patents. Olga passed away in 1991 but her legend lives on through the superior engineering, comfort and beauty of today's Olga® garments.

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Company Founders Olga Erteszek