We’re showcasing the artisans behind the goods we love. Their stories and creations are treasures to us. It’s true that every creation has a story—but whether it begins in a sweatshop or a community garden is a choice we get to make. Traditions across cultures passed down for generations are in danger of becoming extinct—and we’re not ready to see them go. That’s why we're creating a space for people who care about how things are made, and why. We might post a favorite recipe from a great café, or turn you on to your next favorite band. We’re not creating a lifestyle, we’re just sharing a collection of the best things we know. And we think there’s something to be said for supporting people who take time to make things with love and care at every step of their process. The people who do things this way tend to love what they do, and generally, make better products because of it. So explore our shop full of wonders from all over. We hope you enjoy each discovery as much as we do.

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