Riller & Fount

Super-soft fabrics and a rich, understated color palette combine with chic lines to embody the ease and sophistication of the Riller & Fount philosophy. It was this philosophy, set against the backdrop of her native San Antonio, Texas, that was the impetus for Marlena Ruiz’s career as a designer. “Growing up in Texas, the clothes did the talking for you,” she explains. “For me, it was about having a voice, expressing myself—and it takes a lot of energy to be heard over several miles of peach taffeta, particularly when it’s teamed up with a pair of matching sandals.” This desire for an uncomplicated expression of personal style is reflected in the relaxed versatility of each Riller & Fount piece. Effortless accessorizing, layering, and day-to-evening transitions are made simple with Ruiz’s modern yet timeless designs, ensuring each woman who wears them her own unique voice. Founded in 2007 and based in Los Angeles, Riller & Fount has been worn by celebrities and featured by fashion stylists and editors all of whom prefer fabric that is not peach taffeta. source:

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