RVCA is a clothing company based in Costa Mesa, California. The logotype for RVCA portrays the letter A without a crossbar. This leaves it looking like a lambda.The 'V' looking character in RVCA name is a 'U'. The 'U' is written in traditional Roman script, and thus appears as a 'V'. Occasionally, RVCA is written in a different script or appears in art where it is clear that the true name is 'Ruca'. 'Ruca' can be translated as "clothes" in Greek , and it is believed the 'V' as 'U' convention arises from this Greco-Roman connection. However, the closest anglicization of the Greek word for "clothes" (ρούχα) would be roúcha. Ruca is also slang for "old lady" when referring to one's older lady friend in Spanish. RVCA is owned by the Australian company Billabong.

Company info

Industry Fashion & Apparel
Company Founders Pat Tenore & Conan Hayes
Company Size 51-200 employees