In 1923, Ulrich Van-Heusen, a highly-touted watchmaker, had completed his first automatic calendar watch. In 1928, Van-Heusen began a family watch business along with his two sons, building a variety of watches including ones with calendar displays, chronographs (i.e. precise timekeeping devices), skin-line type watches and skeleton (transparent face) watches. Ulrich Van-Heusen named his particular brand of watch Steinhausen and sold Steinhausen watches to kings, army generals, czars, princes and emperors from Monte Carlo to Russia. In an era in which pocket watches were prevalent, Ulrich Van-Heusen remained steadfast in his belief that wristwatches would eventually be a personal element people wouldn’t be able to live without. History proves he was right. Wristwatches eventually became the norm for men of every social stratum. Van-Heusen passed on his expertise, knack for precision, watch-making experience, workmanship habits and attention to quality to his two sons. They soon began selling distinguished watches to famous retailers and jewelry boutiques around the world.

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