Thale Blanc

Founded in 2010 by Deborah Sawaf, Thalé Blanc is the fine accessory company based in Los Angeles, CA. The collection includes clutches, day bags and jewelry of treated exotic skins, plexi and resin adorned with custom hardware ranging from tassels, leather knot handles, and Swarovski crystals, in addition to further developing a collection of furs. Focusing significantly in areas of development and manufacturing, Thalé Blanc conceptualizes designs combining modern technique with traditional craftsmanship. Thalé Blanc is the embodiment of masterful detailed design and perfect execution. Passionately driven by art, Thalé Blanc inspirations range from the 1920’s to French Renaissance, and Baroque, as well as from exotic lands with rich histories of textile and ornament. Thalé Blanc signature is majestic cheetah, graceful and strong in her stride, adorns many designs. It has constant presence in Thalé Blanc collections.

Company info

Company Founders Deborah Sawaf