The Innercity Raiders

The Innercity Raiders began as a partnership between Jenn Dixon and Greg Mining in 2002 called I.C.R. vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick. The duo worked together for over five years, designing t-shirts, jeans and leathers for dirtbags and rockers all over the globe and even personally designed David Bowie’s Reality Tour wardrobe, which is currently on display in the acclaimed Victoria and Albert Museum exhibit “David Bowie Is.” In 2007, Jenn took The Innercity Raiders on the road, and she and her husband “Honey” settled just west of Chicago, where they bought an old house circa 1890, and turned the property into the new I.C.R. Homestead and Studio. Pictured here is the property’s small carriage barn, Jenn’s secret spot, complete with a red “keep out” sign hanging on the door. The barn is a rough and dirty space filled with rusty tools, old books, and piles of I.C.R. T-shirts and hoodies. Up against the wall are stacks of old steamer trunks, filled with the archives of past collections, while shelves are lined with old jars full of nails, rivets, paints and patches. Rows of ripped and torn I.C.R. jeans hang from the walls and black leather motorcycle vests are hung from an old broomstick.

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