Tortoise Jeans

Tortoise jeans owns and operates a one of a kind denim manufacturing facility in los angeles to ensure the highest quality of every jean made. In addition to producing premium quality jeans, tortoise has become a leader in the denim manufacturing industry by establishing a multi-pronged, eco-friendly initiative that improves several facets of the traditional denim manufacturing process in effort to greatly reduce our environmental footprint. The core principle of tortoise jeans is sustainability through a concentrated focus on revolutionizing the most environmentally harmful, but essential, step in the process of making jeans - the wash. By replacing traditional wash methods with our exclusive, patent-pending eco wash techniques conducted at our wholly-owned wash house in los angeles, we are able to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and recycle the already minimal amount of water used the process. At tortoise, we are committed to transparency. Tortoise is an ethical clothing company, committed to maintaining a safe work environment and making sure every person that touches our product is paid a living wage. We want our customers to not only feel confident in how they look, but confident in the total process by which their jeans were made.

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