Born in Chilleurs-aux-Bois on 22 June 1876, Madame Vionnet died in Paris, on 2 March 1975. Defined as the “architect among dressmakers”, she trained in London with Kate Reilly, supplier to the British royal family and returned to France, where she worked with the famous Callot Soeurs and later with Jacques Doucet. She founded her fashion house in 1912, being forced to close it just two years later due to the onset of the First World War. She became enormously successful in the Twenties, a success that culminated in 1923 when she opened her new premises on Avenue Montaigne, referred to, at that time, as the “Temple of Fashion”, a spectacular venue-atelier-boutique, the result of collaboration between the architect, Ferdinand Chanut, the decorator, George de Feure and the crystal sculptor, René Lalique.

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