Wrkng Title is proud to announce the launch of a collaboration with Melissa Forde for Spring 2015. Wrkng Title is a hat line founded in 2013 by Wale and a few fashion industry veterans focusing primarily on fashion-forward, quality knit beanies at an affordable price point. The concept of the collaboration was inspired when close friends Wale and Melissa were discussing the business and Melissa expressed her frustration that her own signature accessory, the bucket hat, was not being manufactured in the right fit, fabric and prints that she desired. As such, M$$x WT was born. The first M$$xWT collection is comprised of three bucket hat styles, the “Black Beauty” (a fine black mesh), the “Rastaprint” (a new scale on a classic print) as well as the “Pink Pineapple” (a bright interpretation of a huge seasonal trend).

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