Your Eyes Lie

What are we about? I suppose we were conscious of wanting to create a brand that didn't take itself too seriously: Like a geek with big dance moves and a broad grin, we're a label that just gets on with enjoying itself, leaving the pigeon-holing to people with time for it. We take pleasure in esoteric ideas, stupid puns and that perfect fitting kitten-soft t-shirt that is just right when you've only five minutes to get ready but still want to be the bad-ass of the ball, and is still just right when you're shuffling to the greasy spoon for a workman's breakfast 14 hours later..reating punchy prints and bold graphic designs across their collection of t-shirts, vests and dresses, London label Your Eyes Lie consider the classic white t-shirt their signature; a blank canvas on which they can express their cool, offbeat designs.

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