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Berto Horne

The Perfect Gentleman (TPGent) started February 19, 2014, but the idea started Berto's freshman year at Morehouse College. In 2011, when he came into Morehouse he saw how well dressed the men were on campus. They were getting big job offers, going to parties, all of the ladies knew them, active in the community, and still graduated with honors. He said to himself, "If you put all these qualities together that would be The Perfect Gentleman." So since then he has been teaching himself on how to become The Perfect Gentleman and throughout the process he has taught others. "I am thankful for those who have supported me over these past two years and to my new supporters. TPGent would not be where it is today if it were not for people like you. I see the brand growing into something I cannot even imagine." - Berto "TPG" Horne

Personal Details

Place of Birth Detroit, MI
Birthday December 24, 1992
Age 24
Residence Atlanta, GA
Gender Male
Personal Style Casual chic


Eye Color Grey
Natural Hair Color Black
Current Hair color Black
Height (m) 6'3"
Weight (kg) 220
Body Type Tall