Devendra Banhart Mr. Porter 2017-02-22
Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart

Strums on his guitar

February 22, 2017 - Mr. Porter

I suggest that the fact his songs are so wilfully eccentric – this is a man who once sang of taking his teeth out dancing on “This Beard Is For Siobhan” – seems less like whimsy and more touching. “That was a reaction to the chaos inside of me, to the lack of peace inside my heart,” he says. “And it was also a result of having grown up in an environment where individual expression is not supported in any way. The first thing I did when I moved back to America was pierce my ear. When I tried to do that in Caracas, they literally had to shut down the school because so many people wanted to kill me. ‘Who’s the fag? We have to kill him!’ I was 11.” He is currently dating the French-American actress/model, Ms Camille Rowe (past girlfriends include the Serbian-born designer Ms Ana Kras and, for a while in 2008, actress Ms Natalie Portman).

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Devendra Banhart Mr. Porter 2017-02-22


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