Hailey Baldwin Paris 2017-03-03
Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin

Walks across the street


March 03, 2017 - Paris

Hailey walks across the street while dressed in a Sally Lapointe Cashmere Patch Pullover, Sally Lapointe Sequin Pencil Skirt, and Alaia Lace-Up Leather Platform Ankle Boots.

Anaïs Faucon, Jokoya McLean, Melissa Guijarro, Stéphane DeLaRose and like this
David Siwicki
the glasses are Andy Wolf Official - http://www.andy-wolf.com/en/model/KLE/#/A
2 years ago

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Hailey Baldwin Paris 2017-03-03


Hailey Baldwin wearing Sally Lapointe Cashmere Wool Velvet Patch Pullover, Sally Lapointe Hand Embroidered Sequin Pencil Skirt, Azzedine Alaia Lace Up Booties