And Re Walker

A teen-aged Andre Walker sent his first fashion collections across the dance floors of New York’s 1980s club scene when the rest of his peers were probably home studying for that upcoming math quiz. But, the then 15-year old designer was doing his own type of math homework. From the very beginning, the precociously talented fashion enthusiast’s garments were all about curves, angled seams, and measured tucks. His simple equations produced defiantly unique clothes. He was self taught through sheer will and youthful tunnel-vision. Laying fabric on the floor of his bedroom, Andre would cut curves and stitch them together until he had what he thought could fit a body and be a dress, and his instincts were correct. Deemed a “boy wonder” by some of fashion’s most admired critics and important press–Bill Cunningham and Patricia Field were early supporters– Walker’s designs were in a class of their own.

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