Dawn Mostow is a Harvard University-educated artist and latex designer. Her Dawnamatrix line of luxury latex couture and accessories represents a revolution, merging fine art with high fashion. Dawn says of her hard-working fashion ethos: “It is my goal to showcase the range of possibilities available when creating garments in latex, and to infuse the designs with self-expression, romance, sensuality, and strength.” Living and teaching for many years in Japan as she did, Dawn has come to be known as much by her one-of-a-kind latex kimonos as her unique pieces of both vintage couture and futuristic fashion, and as a latex dress designer. As one of the world’s premier latex designers, Dawnamatrix is the RAW: Natural Born Artists Fashion Designer of the Year in Boston. Dawnamatrix kimonos and garments have been displayed in museum and gallery spaces around Boston, including the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, the State House of Representatives, Harvard University, the Boston Children’s Museum, and the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation. Our latex has graced the runways of Paris Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Dominatrix Netherlands, and runways in NYC and D.C. You can see our garments in magazines such as Vogue, Interview, L’Official, Marquis, Skin Two, Von Gutenberg, Leg Show, and Dark Beauty Magazine among others.

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